50 Cent & Floyd Mayweather Working To Add 21 Savage Vs. 22 Savage To Chris Brown Vs. Soulja Boy Fight Card (Video)

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Atlanta rapper 21 Savage and his Baton Rouge nemesis, 22 Savage, might have a way to settle their differences without anyone getting seriously hurt.

50 Cent just announced that he and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are working on adding a boxing match between the two to an event that will also seeChris Brown and Soulja Boy scrap for three rounds.

"I just got off the phone with champ. So, I'ma give y'all an update," 50 says in a video uploaded to his Instagram account Friday, January 6. "We got a whole card now. We only had one fight. We had Chris Brown and Soulja Boy. Now we're trying to put together 21 Savage and 22 Savage. They gon' fight for the name. And then we're only gonna have one Savage."

This beef was sparked when 22 Savage, who is also a comedian, thought it would be funny to copy 21's name.

Initially, 21 ignored the situation, but as 22 started to get serious about the rap game and gained some notoriety, things escalated into genuine animosity between the two.

Kenyon Martin

Another fight being added to the card will pit Tim Thomas against Kenyon Martin. The friction between those two dates back to their playing days in the NBA, and an altercation that took place at a Dallas club in 2004.

Tim Thomas

In May of 2016 Thomas told CBS Radio that he would like to box Martin for charity. His wish has been granted.

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