Chris Brown Confirms Soulja Boy Fight, Issues Warning: "Stop Talking About My Daughter. You Gon' Take This Sh!t Somewhere Else" (Video)

Video After The Jump

Chris Brown has confirmed via an Instagram video on Thursday, January 5, that the boxing match with Soulja Boy is a go. But the one thing he's not going to tolerate is the SODMG boss talking about his daughter,Royalty.

Brown was responding to a tweet Soulja sent out this morning referencing Royalty and her mom, Nia Guzman.

"Chilled with royalty and Nia tonight at Floyds house," Soulja wrote.

Brown warned if that continues things might spin out of control.

"All the jokes aside, my n!gga. Seriously, we gon' set up this fight ... it's gonna be professional. You can do all that, but one thing you gotta stop doing, I'ma be real witchu ... stop bringing my daughter into this, my n!gga. Stop saying sh!t about my f*cking daughter," Brown says in the clip. "This not no f*cking game. Now, you playing with something else that's gon' take this sh!t somewhere else. We setting up this fight. I'ma do everything. We gon' do all that. Stop talking bro. If it's already set, it's set. I'm telling you right now, on Jesus Christ. On anybody you f*cking believe in ... Allah, Buddha, I don't give a f*ck. Stop talking about my daughter.

"That sh!t ain't cool," he continues. "Real gangsters and street n!ggas know. Number one rule. No girls, no daughters, no kids. You's a b!tch, my n!gga. Stop."


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