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Chris Brown Shreds His Ex Karrueche Tran On Instagram: "The Other Friends You Still Talk To, I F*cked"

The Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown beef is taking all kinds of twists and turns.

For those of you who aren't up on game, here's a quick rundown of the events over the last 18 hours or so.

Soulja tweeted that Chris called him wanting to fight because the SODMGboss like an Instagram photo of Karrueche Tran, the singer's ex-girlfriend.

Chris claims the entire story is completely made up. He wants to box Soulja for creating this fictitious tale.

Tran decided to respond to Brown's comments about the made up beef and the fact that he only liked her IG pic to keep her "poppin."

"First off the drama between the both of these two is so ridiculous it makes no sense," Tran wrote. "We just brought in a new year and this what we doing? Leave the extra'd out rah rah s*** behind. This isn't cool or funny.. it's draining.. not just for me.. but for everyone. There's so much more out there in life then 'twitter beefs.' Second off.. trying to make me feel poppin? You talking about your old song 'Poppin?' You know what makes me feel poppin? Getting up and going to set..walking in my apartment and seeing my Emmy with my name on it.. giving away shoes and feeding the less fortunate.. being able to provide for my family with my own $$.. that's what makes me feel good about myself."

Breezy didn't waste much time in responding.

"Noone asked for this opinion! It ain't over you. Girl keep the fame you got and stay classy! This man randomly started this, now you gassed! Plugging what u got going on! How do we know you again! Aint no more Chrae and all that sh!t I did a gesture, being playful commenting under ya pics. Notice how much attention you weren't getting until I put 'Still Want It' under ya picture. Karrueche is 2 years famous. Im so sick of n!ggas coming at me left and right and now she wanna chime in. Nobody gives a f*ck. Now dis dumba$$ wanna pop like its about you! Living in this dream world of yours. All your friends are your friends because you was Chris Browns girl! And the other friends you still talk to... I f*cked. So advice from b!tches that had my d!ck in they mouth is really not informative. And once again... You're welcome for this pub. B!tches better stop all this noise like I aint retarded. Shut up and get ya money!"

Well, damn!

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