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Chris Brown & Soulja Boy Beef Over Karrueche Tran IG Pic. Breezy Wants That Fade. SB Says He's Ready (Video)

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2017 begins similar to how it ended. Soulja Boy finds himself in the middle of a beef. This time it's with Chris Brown.

This conflict kicked off on Monday, January 2, when the "Crank That" rapper tweeted that Brown allegedly called him wanting to fight because he had liked an Instagram photo of Breezy's ex-gf, Karrueche Tran.

"Chris brown just called me and said he wanna fight me because I liked @karrueche picture on Instagram this n!gga a b!tch," Soulja wrote. "Aye @chrisbrown pull up n!gga I'll knock yo B!tch A$$ out stop snorting so much coke n!gga. FRUITS."

The "Fruits" comment is a reference to Compton's Fruit Town Pirus gang, that both Soulja and Chris allegedly are affiliated with.

That prompted an Instagram video response from Brown, who speculated that SB got out jail fast on a recent gun charge because he's an informant.

"Any n!gga that wanna telegraph bullsh!t ... [It's] because they need a look, they broke and number one, you're a snitch," Brown begins. "I ain't gon' do all that so you can write your report, Officer Soulja. So, I ain't gon' do all this talking. We gon' see. Street n!ggas know, if you get arrested [and] you on probation for a weapon. And you get out less than 24 hours later. You told"

Soulja Boy quickly responded via his own IG video.

"Hey Chris Brown, you a b!tch, n!gga," the SODMG boss says. "When I see you I'ma beat the f*ck out you. You think you hard 'cause you hit Rihanna? 'Cause you beat Rihanna up, n!gga? Do that sh!t to me p*ssy a$$ n!gga! The f*ck wrong with you? You gon' call my phone on Facetime, talking 'bout some, 'Why you liking Karrueche pictures on Instagram? When I see you, I'ma catch the fade,' I'ma knock you out," he continued. N*gga, this Fruit Town Piru. You ain't even good in the hood. We from the same hood. On Bompton. Officer Soulja, what b!tch. I got caught with a Draco and a 30 clip. And I spent that check for the best lawyers to get me out of jail. I done shot n!ggas before. You see what's on my face, n!gga. And Karrueche don't want you. She don't want you lame a$$ n!gga. Stop snorting so much coke""

On Tuesday morning, December 3, Chris offered Soulja the opportunity to square off in the ring.

"You did all this [social media talking] so I wouldn't whoop your a**," Breezy says in an IG video. "We got that boxing gym. I'll give you three rounds Soulja. Three minutes. Thirty seconds when that adrenaline run out. You gon' have to deal with that n!gga that been training."

Welp ...

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