Migos On The Support ILoveMakonnen Has Gotten Since Coming Out As Gay: "That's Because The World Is F*cked Up"

On Tuesday, January 20, 2016, ILoveMakonnen came out of the closet via Twitter. The "Tuesday" singer said he felt it was time the world knew he was homosexual.

"Someone said to me next time they see me, they was gonna f*ck me. I said next time I see me, I'm gonna love me up," he wrote on the social networking site. "As a fashion icon, I can't tell u about everybody else's closet, I can only tell u about mine, and it's time I've come out. And since y'all love breaking news, here's some old news to break, I'm gay. And now I've told u about my life, maybe u can go life yours."

In an interview published by Rolling Stone on Wednesday, February 8th, Atlanta rap trio Migos were asked how they felt about the support Makonnen has gotten since his announcement.

"Damn, Makonnen! They supported him?" Quavo asked.

Offset chimed in, saying "That's because the world is f*cked up."

"This world is not right," Takeoff added.

Quavo wanted to make it clear that the group wasn't homophobic, but questioned whether Makonnen could have actually lived the drug dealer lifestyle he sang about as a gay man.

"He first came out talking about trapping and selling Molly, doing all that," he said. "That's wack, bro."

What are your thoughts? Does being gay mean you can't have street credibility? And should an artist's fan base abandon them for admitting they're a lesbian or homosexual?


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