Oschino Reveals The Text Messages That Started The Meek Mill Beef. Meek Says He Wants To Fight (Video)

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Oschino continues to go after his Philadelphia counterpart, Meek Mill.

As we previously reported, this beef was sparked when Oschino asked Meek to return a favor by posting his "Appetizer 7" mixtape on his Instagram page. Oschino said the DreamChasers boss refused via text, causing a rift between them.

On Saturday, February 11, Oschino posted the text conversation in a YouTube video. Peep it below.

Oschino: Yo you gone put my joint up and say it's available on iTunes? So you not putting green my joint up?

Meek Mill: What why you keep texting this nah. Why you even texting me like this

Initially, O thought he had texted the wrong person because of Meek's response, but that was quickly cleared up.

Meek: How you figure that this is meek. I don't know what time you think this is you must be losing it fam you don't gotta hit my phone!

Oschino: I ain't with all that phone gangster sh!t you got it. N!gga you crazy. N!gga you asked me to put ya sh!t up that's all you ain't Gotta put mines up in your heart you know what you is lol.

Meek: It can't be meek you tripping. u must b high dog. y'all n!ggas just talk heavy for nothing lol u just was in live talking I took my insta down cuz I ain't wanna post ya sh!t you tripping. all that this can't be meek sh!t it's me forsure my n!gga & nothing gone happen about it. go head make ya diss rap fam lol.

Oschino: Lol I forgot you a gangster now lol. N!gga I don't gotta ride 10 deep I don't gotta ride around in bulletproof caddy lol I'm just still O it ain't deep bro we both know what it is.

Meek: I'm rapped out I'm on another level shouldn't even b texting you about a post. I don't feel no way u hitting me like I owe you or I supposed to be scared. Shouldn't even of entertained it.

Oschino: Whatever I say on live I can say to you. Only thing about a coward that know they are coward. You asked me to post ya sh!t I don't ask ya b!tch a$$ for nothing p*ssy who said be scared ya coward a$$ ain't got sh!t to worry about from me n!ggas who gone get ya already close to you lol.

Meek: You should stop rapping you 40 I know ya self esteem f*cked up! You never gone make it you bum a$$ n!gga lol!

Oschino: I ain't got problem with that I can look myself in the mirror and know I ain't a fraud.

Meek: U been hating you f*cking nut. who are you and you don't wanna mix I'll beat ya old a$$ up.

Oschino: Now you a boxer. OK say no more. I don't take threats lightly homie.

Meek: Philly don't respect ya dirty a$$ that corvette a lemon too u b!tch a$$ n!gga!

Oschino: You on my jack talking sh!t just back it up. You got cars you got chain but you ain't got heart in ya chest you need other n!gga lol & my n!ggas love me even if I ain't Gotta Penny so you say word. Go d!ck ride another city. You watching me on live like a groupie. You calling somebody dirty that's funny. What you forgot?

Meek: Why would I post your corny a$$ mixtape that sh!t wack. You don't even got no single dawg & you really thought you was stunting in that lil a$$ corvette! Go get your kids some Jordans you f*cking bozo. coward you don't wanna mix wit me 1 on 1. I will put you to sleep on god.

Oschino: I saw you punching that heavy bag. When you become a boxer? You will always be a coward in my eyes. You know F*CKING well you don't want it with me so I'm a let you talk.

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