Ralo Says Jeezy Is A "F*ck N!gga" & Talks About Signing With Gucci Mane (Video)

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Ralo's stock is rapidly rising. The Atlanta rapper just inked a deal withGucci Mane's 1017 Eskimo Records imprint and dropped his "Famerican Gangster 2" mixtape.

He recently chopped it up with Buzz Wars about how the deal with Gucci came about and explains why he has no love for Jeezy.

"[Gucci] didn't want to sign nobody. He said he wasn't signing none of these n!ggas. All these n1ggas broke his heart and left him while he was in prison. And sh!t, I said I didn't want to sign with nobody," Ralo explains. "So, if he didn't want to sign nobody and I ain't wanna sign with nobody ... it just go together. Our birthday on the same day. That wasn't nothing but God. It's about time for some real n!ggas to link up and do what they gotta do.

"I used to think Jeezy was the real n!gga. I used to be a big fan of Jeezy's. I wasn't really a big fan of Guwop. Until you meet these n!ggas. I met the other dude, he was a f*ck n!gga. And then I met Gucci Mane [and] he was a real n!gga. You can't just go by the music. You gotta go and start being around 'em. I was listening to them n!gga raps and them n!ggas wasn't doing sh!t they say they was doing. And now when you go on Gucci Mane's [Instagram] page ... n!gga done got married. That n!gga really telling a n!gga they need to do what's right."

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