Rico Recklezz To Soulja Boy: "I Ain't Gon' Kill You, But I'm Gon' Beat The F*ck Out You" (Video)

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SODMG boss Soulja Boy and Chicago artist Rico Recklezz have been beefing for several weeks due to a conflict that originated from the "Crank That" rapper's conflict with Lil Yachty.

At one point Soulja tweeted that he had put a $100,000 bounty on Rico's head, but later said he was joking and the beef was dead.

"I'm having $100,000 cash on me right now. This man ain't ever seen a million dollars in his life. I made a million dollars when i was 17. Rico what? Y'all is tweaking right now. The beef over with," Soulja told Vlad TV.

Despite that, Rico says in a new interview with Say Cheese TV that he doesn't want to seriously injure Soulja, but he plans to put hands on him.

Say Cheese TV: So it's no more beef with y'all?

Rico RecklezzHe a b!tch, I'm still gon' smack him. Oh, I'm smacking your face. I'm beating yo a$$ ... I'm smacking you. I ain't gon' kill you or nothing, but I'm gon' beat the f*ck out you, then we can be cool. We can box for $10K.

Say Cheese: When he tweeted about the $100K, he said he was just playing on Vlad. The minute you saw that what was your reaction?

RicoHe's such a b!tch a$$ n!gga that wasn't even respected. If that was a real n!gga, I woulda been dead that night. Let a real n!gga say he got $100K on some sh!t. A n!gga gonna die by that hour.

Say Cheese: So, after that you got to L.A. Was that strictly for that Soulja Boy situation?

RicoHell yeah. I went to L.A. 'cause he made (a diss song). You wanna mention my name? I'm a b!tch a$$ n!gga? I went to his house. Ask him was I at his house. Bring yo b!tch a$$ down, Soulja. He in the window. Y'all n!ggas ain't do sh!t but sit in the house with some Dracos. Yall didn't even blow the motherf*ckers.

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