Stephon Marbury Pays Cook To Keep It His Mistress On The Down Low--Details Inside!

The NY Post reports that after she was fired in 2006 she claimed Stephon sexually harrassed her. He didn’t want his wife and kids to find out so he offered to pay her $900,000 to keep her quiet even though he said the relationship had been consensual.


He paid her in installments but stopped making payment January 2010 after he’d already paid her $600,000. She filed a case against him to collect the rest of the money.


The case went before an arbitrator who ordered him to pay up $330,000, saying, “It is uncontroverted that during Ms. Mitchell’s employment, she had a sexual relationship with Stephon Marbury which she described as occurring on approximately five occasions.”  Adding that Thurayyah could have sued Marbury or sold her story for more money than she received.


Stephon and his wife Latasha are rumored to be in talks to appear on Basketball Wives so don’t be surprised to see this drama on your tv. Source will keep you updated!





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Comment by David on October 22, 2012 at 3:05pm

Yea the drama continues this is tailor made for Basketball Wives series, SMH. First mistake paying your mistress, its wrong to cheat but you already know once u feed somebosy they get greedy and want more and more. But he is a former NBA player so i'm sure she is not surprised   

Comment by kiki on October 22, 2012 at 5:51pm

cheating is new trend


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