Universal Music Publishing Removes Remy Ma’s “shETHER” From Radio & Internet!

Remy Ma delivered one of the hardests diss songs "shETHER” last month, over Nas’ ‘Ether’ instrumental produced by Ron Browz and now she has to deal with Universal Music Publishing because her record label failed to pay for the copyright of the instrumental.

TMZ say they caught up with Nas' people who said he had no qualms with Remy using his beat for "ETHER." They told the paparazzi that Universal Music, who owns the instrumentals to "ETHER," blocked "shETHER" because Remy's record label failed to pay for the copyright. 

The song is removed from the radio, Remy’s VEVO and Soundcloud and apparently she's not even allowed to perform the song on her shows. 
For now, the song is still available on iTunes at No. 2 and is doing well on Spotify too.

This comes after Nicki Minaj dropped three tracks last night, two of them taking shots at Remy Ma.

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