Wale Says "Kendrick Lamar Is One Of The Top 5 Rappers Of All Time" (Video)

During a recent interview with RevoltWale praised Kendrick Lamar, calling him one of the best rapper dead or alive.

"Kendrick one of the top five rappers of all time. As far as executing rap rhymes and telling a story, he's one of the top five rappers of all time," Wale said.

Check out the video below.

Wale also shouted out Top Dawg Entertainment head Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith as one of the best executives in the game.

"Top is just getting started. You don't even know what he gon' do. If he feel like 'I wanna do movies,' he powerful enough and he got the streets [...] three years from now we're gonna be talking about top dog on some other s-it." 

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