Fetty Wap Robbery & Shooting: Rapper Raheem "Fuzz" Thomas Arrested!

Paterson, New Jersey police have made an arrest in connection with Fetty Wap's robbery and the subsequent shooting that left three men wounded on Sunday, March 26.

According to TMZRaheem Thomas a.k.a. Fuzz, was taken into custody Monday, March 27. He had posted a photo wearing Fetty's stolen 1738chain on his Instagram account, although he denied being the one who took it. In addition to the chain, Fetty was also robbed of cash.

Thomas, the CEO of Muscle Team Entertainment, and the "Trap Queen" rapper have a "deep rooted" beef. Fetty, born born Willie Maxwell II, had allegedly been warned by Thomas to stay out of Paterson, even though it's his hometown.

In January, Muscle Team Fuzz released a Fetty Wap diss video titled "Got Em" Remix. So far, Thomas is facing gun charges, but not robbery.

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